Big Easy meets Bob Rotella; is Big Wiesy next?

mulligan, 26 June 2006, Comments Off on Big Easy meets Bob Rotella; is Big Wiesy next?
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Ernie Els writs on his blog here:

“On the short game, the main focus is my putting. I was talking about this subject in my report last week, after the US Open. It’s fair to say this is the one aspect of my game which I feel has let me down the most in 2006, and it was interesting talking to Dr Bob Rotella about this at Winged Foot. Most golfers will be familiar with Bob; he’s probably the leading sports psychologist in the world and has worked with a lot of the top players over the years. It was interesting to sit down with him and get a new and fresh perspective on things, so to speak.

“Part of our conclusion was that I’ve maybe got a bit too technical; that I’ve become a little too wrapped up in the mechanics of producing the perfect stroke, which has kind of got in the way of my natural ability to hole putts. As I explained last week, Bob has given me a few exercises to work on. The change in mind-set is crystal clear – instead of trying to make the perfect stroke, I concentrate on trying to make the perfect strike. Basically, getting the natural flow back into my putting stroke. Anyway, I feel like I’m making some progress there. It feels like I’m going in the right direction.”


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