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mulligan, 26 June 2006, Comments Off on The Megan report
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Hats off to Megan Heckeroth, who had the lead at the Lima Futures Classic. The third round was not so kind to Megan, who admitted that she kind of choked:

“I have had enough time to cool off and really think about the round and say that I choked and maybe giggle a little about it too. I have not had the experience of being at the top of the leaderboard so I was very protective on Sunday. But it’s all experience and preparation for the future. Now that I have that experience of being in the second to last group on Sunday, I can learn from it and improve my state of mind. Because that’s all that it is.”

Thanks heavens Megan is alright after she survied a tornado in Lima, Ohio:

“Children were screaming and crying. Parents were rushing them around to try to find protection in their rooms and under the stairwell. A man that was staying there was yelling at everyone to get in their rooms. I asked him if I could stay in his room with his wife and his daughter. My room was on the 4th floor and there was no way I was going up there. So I found myself hunkered down in the bathroom with their 10 year old daughter in the pitch black not knowing what was going to happen next.Are we going to survive?Employees ran around and got everyone together. They immediately directed us to the safest place in the hotel which was a hallway at the other end of the building. There were about 50 of us in that hallway for about an hour…that seemed to last a lifetime. And I’ll tell you, I can’t remember the last time my heart was beating that fast.” More here.


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