Memorial: holy crap

mulligan, 04 June 2006, Comments Off on Memorial: holy crap
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I thought I had heard it all, until I read the AP’s story of the following defiling of Muirfield Village. This does not speak well of some crazy individual in Dublin, Ohio.

DIRTY PROBLEM (AP reports here)
Phil Mickelson returned Saturday morning to resume the rain-delayed second round when he noticed the hole on the sixth green was not in the same spot as it was when he left the course the night before.

The new hole was about 3 feet away, and there was a good reason for the relocation.
Someone had defecated in the hole overnight.

“They tried to clean it up as best they could,” PGA Tour tournament official Slugger White said. “The more they cleaned around the cup, it tufted the grass up.”

The best solution was to move the hole, and officials had the players move their ball marks the same distance. White wasn’t sure if there was precedence in a book of decisions on the Rules of Golf.

“That’s just common sense,” he said.


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