Nicklaus + Watson question Phil Mickelson’s play on 18

mulligan, 20 June 2006, Comments Off on Nicklaus + Watson question Phil Mickelson’s play on 18
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“Put the ball in play. Go play golf,” Jack Nicklaus said about Phil’s decision to go for the green from the woods. “You don’t ever give up the end of a golf tournament,” he said, adding he learned that lesson in 1963 when he picked the wrong club on the last two holes of an event he was leading and finished bogey-bogey and lost. I didn’t like that feeling and said I’d never do that again, and I never did.”

Watson acknowledged it’s easy to second guess but said: “What are you playing for? You’re playing to win, not be a hero. The only person you have to beat is yourself — and he beat himself. It sounds like he beat himself because he didn’t play the percentage shot.” (More from TGC)


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