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On Winged Foot: When I played it last week, the greens were slow because of rain, but the course is a lot longer, the rough is deeper and the USGA will put the pins on the edge of the greens. I love the place, but it’s the hardest member’s course I’ve ever seen. The greens are brutal. They have a lot of undulation and you have to try and keep the ball below the hole. And it’s long. You can hit driver on just about every hole you want. It will be quite a test. And no, I won’t carry two drivers. I can shape my driver both ways, so I don’t need to carry two, although I can understand where Phil Mickelson is coming from. With today’s equipment, the ball goes straighter and it’s hard to move it from right to left.

On Michelle: Michelle Wie almost qualified for the U.S. Open. Obviously, she’s a tremendous talent. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before she makes the cut in a men’s event if she keeps improving and enjoying the game of golf.

On NBA finals: I’m pulling for Shaq O’Neal and the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals against Dallas. Shaq is a neighbor and we’ve had lunch a few times. I’ve never seen him swing a golf club – I don’t think there’s a grip big enough for him. His hands are so big! He’s just a big kid and super nice. He just loves life and is very comfortable in his own skin.

On his dad: Without a doubt, I’ll be thinking about my dad a lot the next two weeks, especially with Father’s Day coming up. He’s always with me. When I was in high school, he gave me an old gold filling from his teeth that he had flattened out; it kind of looked like a ball marker. It was like a going-away-to-college kind of thing. I never use it, but I always travel with it.


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