Does Tiger have a spat with Nick Faldo?

mulligan, 18 July 2006, Comments Off on Does Tiger have a spat with Nick Faldo?
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Tiger Woods is paired with Nick Faldo (and Shingo Katayama). Apparently, it’s not a love match. As ABC commentator, Faldo has been critical of some of Tiger’s swing changes over the past two years. Now, the three-time British Open champion Faldo is feeling very nervous about playing with Tiger when his (Faldo’s) game is so rusty. AP reports:

“I need a smidgen more than a week’s practice to take on Tiger,” he said.

Clearly, playing alongside Woods for two rounds at this stage in his career is not what he wanted.

“Not when I’m totally unprepared, trying to prepare the best I can in a short space of time,” he said. “Now I get thrown into the deep-end spotlight. But we will muddle through it.”

Here’s what I think: Faldo is overestimating how important (NOT!) he is to Tiger’s world. Tiger can beat Nick Faldo on anyday of any week, at any time. Tiger wants to win the British Open, not beat Nick Faldo. If Tiger tries to one-up Faldo, then we know Tiger’s really off his game plan.


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