Ron Sirak on why women’s golf is better than men’s

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Someone once said great minds think alike. Well, here’s what Ron Sirak of Golf World wrote this week: “As for women’s golf being more fun to watch than men’s, it is sort of like the comparison of men’s tennis to women’s tennis. Men’s tennis has been overpowered by power. It’s all about the speed of the serve. Women’s tennis has points that last longer than a tenth of a second. Men’s golf also has become a power game, while the women have a more complete examination of shot making. . . . At Newport, Sorenstam and Pat Hurst and even Michelle Wie had to play mid and long irons into par-4s. They had to hit 4-woods into par-3s and had fairway-wood approach shots to par-4s. Precious few par-5 greens were hit in two shots. Go to an LPGA event and you will see every club in the bag hit at one point or another. Most PGA Tour events now can be played with a handful of clubs.”

Well, back on August 23 of last year, TGB’s Douglas wrote: “But, in the end, I think I enjoy the LPGA event so much because it inspires me to improve my golf game more so than the PGA event. When I watch the PGA pros, on a course measuring 7200 yards, bashing their drives 300 yards and hitting 6-irons from 200 yards away, I come away feeling that I will never be able to play golf the way it is played by the pros. But when I watch the LPGA pros, on a course measuring 6600 yards, driving about 250 yards and hitting 7-irons from 150 yards away, I come away feeling that I can play like a pro. I also come to see the little things a pro does to average rounds of 70 (instead of the rounds of 80 that I average).”


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