Something needs to be done…

mulligan, 08 July 2006, Comments Off on Something needs to be done…
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about the length of PGA pros. I just heard on the Wstern Open telecast that Vijay, through 17 holes in his third round, had hit 10 wedges for approach shots. Given that the shortest par 3 is 180 yards and thus more than a wedge, this means that on the other 13 long holes (only three of which were par fives), Vijay only had to hit more than a wedge for an approach on 3 holes!!

Though I know this is old news, I still cannot accept that new technology has turned the typical Tour event into a glamorous pitch and put contest. Of course, as the US Open highlights every year, growing out the rough can bring shotmaking back into the game. But more and more I am coming around to Jack’s idea that we need a standard Tour ball for all the players that won’t go over 280 yards on a regular basis.


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