The Stephen Ames report

mulligan, 06 July 2006, Comments Off on The Stephen Ames report
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Stephen Ames has a way of shooting with his mouth. The Golf Blog reported here about his “smack” talk against Tiger before Tiger thrashed him in match play. Well, here’s what Stephen said about Phil Mickelson’s play at the U.S. Open:

“I was shocked, even for Phil. I thought he had changed. Everybody has seen him change to a more conservative approach, and then all of a sudden that beast within came back out. The old Phil was still in there.

“You have to make good decisions to win a major because you know in a major someone is going to crack. He’s eccentric; he wants to be different. Tiger is by far the better player, so Phil figures, ‘I’m not going to battle with Tiger all the time so I’ll be different.’ “


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