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mulligan, 06 July 2006, Comments Off on The Tiger report
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Tiger’s back, too. He admitted that he was rusty at the U.S. Open after the long layoff. Also, Tiger revealed that he watched both the third and fourth rounds of the U.S. Open after he missed the cut as his “punishment.”

About who he thought would win: Tiger said Monty. “He was on the right side [on 18], on the flat spot with a perfect angle with his fade. It doesn’t get better than that.”

Asked about Phil’s ability to bounce back after blowing the U.S. Open: “I don’t know. . . More than likely to stay competitive you have to, especially in our sport. We fail more than we succeed. You pick yourself up off the ground and you have to play the next week. If we had a percentage very similar to (a batting average) … if you put a .300 in your winning percentage, you would have one heckuva career. But that’s not normally the case.”

Take a mulligan: Now that’s honesty.


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