What happened to David Duval?

mulligan, 18 July 2006, Comments Off on What happened to David Duval?
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Five years ago he won his first major. He hasn’t won anything since. Bob Verdi of Golf Digest gets up close and personal with DD here full interview.

Q: What have the last few years been?
A: Pretty tough. Hard. As bad as things got with golf, I never really thought of quitting the game. I contemplated not playing professionally anymore. I didn’t want my professional golf life to destroy my recreational golf life. I didn’t want the bad stuff on the PGA Tour to take away any desire to play the game at home. I didn’t want to hate the game in such a way that I didn’t want to play with my buddies or with my kids. But I was probably another really bad year away from doing that. * * *

Q: So you were right [about the Ryder Cup and players designating money for their charity]?
A: *** The only guys who don’t get paid at the Ryder Cup are the players in the Ryder Cup. The captain makes money. That’s a problem I had with Crenshaw in 1999. . .


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