Has Tiger had the greatest impact on golf, ever?

mulligan, 17 August 2006, Comments Off on Has Tiger had the greatest impact on golf, ever?
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USAToday has a fascinating article imagining golf without Tiger. Here are some amazing stats compiled by Jim Halley of USAToday:

Purses: There were nine PGA Tour millionaires in 1996. Last year, there were 78. From 1986-’96, the total purse on the PGA Tour increased $37.5 million. In the Woods’ decade, the 10 years since, the purses have jumped $186.1 million.

Ratings: Sean McManus, President of CBS News and Sports, says Woods has had a direct effect on the growth of golf on TV, with ratings spiking 35% to 50% for regular tour events and major championships when Woods is in contention. Last weekend The International, minus Woods, drew a 2.1 rating. A few weeks earlier, the Buick Open, which Woods won, drew a 4.3 rating.

Marketing: * * * According to a 2004 study at Indiana University, before Woods’ professional golf debut in ’96, a typical annual increase in new golfers was 1%. The ”Tiger Woods Effect” lifted it to 5%. The percentage of African-American golfers has doubled since ’96, the study said.

Read the article for more.


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