How do you deal with playing poorly?? Wie Fires Caddie

mulligan, 09 August 2006, Comments Off on How do you deal with playing poorly?? Wie Fires Caddie
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As noted throughout the sports world,, The Golf, Michelle Wie has fired her caddie, Greg Johnston, after her T-26 performance at the Women’s British Open.

However, Wie did not inform Johnston of his termination, she supposedly let her agent call Johnston on his cell phone before he left to return to the United States.

There is something that is great about the game of golf…. My father always referred to the game as a game of “Gentlemen.” Now, I’m not sure the word for a “Gentleman” who is female, but anyone included in “Wie”‘s camp would fail to fall within that description.

Wie’s public relations firm stated that Johnston’s departure “comes as part of Michelle’s maturation as a golfer, part of which is learning from many different bright golf minds.” However, I would challenge that Michelle’s maturation as a golfer INCLUDES maturing as an ADULT and taking matters such as splitting with your caddie into your own hands is part of that process.

Honestly, I don’t know what is worse, Wie consistently missing short putts to lose tournaments or Wie missing this “short putt” of class and informing her caddie that his services were no longer needed!!!

Michelle… You are a rolemodel to the youth of America, especially young boys and girls. When you fail to do the right thing, what kind of message are you sending to these “children”? I just hope when you decide to fire your next caddie, you at least have enough class to tell him or her that his or her services are no longer needed!


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