Is the PGA Championship a major joke?

mulligan, 20 August 2006, Comments Off on Is the PGA Championship a major joke?
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I have praised the R&A for not trying to “trick up” the British Open courses, but just letting nature take care of the conditions. This weekend, I have tried my best to defend Medinah C.C. from the intense criticism it has elicited as being just “too easy.” ESPN has basically “mocked” the easiness of Medinah in a parody article. I’ve talked to a number of people, and they all say the same thing: the tournament this year is not really a major, it’s more like the John Deere Classic — won this year by John Senden with a final total of 18-under par. That appears to be the same final score where the PGA Championship winner is heading. Even Tiger Woods said that the low scores and conditions on the golf course at Medinah made it feel like not a major.

I’ve done my best to defend the PGA. Even though Medinah was trumped up to be the longest course in major history, the rains softened the greens so much that the players were having a field day yesterday. Blame it on the rain, I said. But, today, I’ve given up defending the PGA. The rough is playing way too easy, the pin placements too receptive, and the course is giving up more birdies than a mother hen in heat. I’m done defending the PGA.


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