Rosaforte: PGA Championship is best major

mulligan, 15 August 2006, Comments Off on Rosaforte: PGA Championship is best major
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I could not pass up this opportunity to agree with Tim Rosaforte, who explains here why the PGA Championship is emerging as perhaps the best major of the lot. One reason:

It has the best trophy
The U.S. Open trophy doesn’t have a name, the claret jug looks like something that wouldn’t sell at a flea market and nobody knows what the Masters trophy looks like. (It’s a sterling-silver replica of the antebellum clubhouse.) The Wanamaker trophy however, announces its presence. It is by far the biggest of the major-championship trophies, standing tall (28 inches), wide (10½-inch diameter) and heavy (27 pounds).

The Wanamaker also has history: There’s no telling how much beer John Daly drank out of it. Rich Beem put his son, Michael, in it. And Walter Hagen lost it in a taxi sometime between winning the PGA in 1927 and 1930, when Tommy Armour beat Gene Sarazen for the crown.


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