TGB Goes Clubbing: Alpha C830.2 Plasma Driver

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Sometimes gets asked to review equipment from companies that many of our loyal readers have probably never heard of. Well, I am fairly confident that very few people have ever heard of Alpha Golf, a product line of Kent Sports, Inc. However, once I had the opportunity to try their C830.2 Plasma Driver, I realized that I had something very special.

While writing this review, I did some research on Alpha Golf’s C830.2 Plasma Driver. I wasn’t surprised to find out that the Alpha C830.2 won every single 2006 Major Long Drive Championship (see press release

This driver is simply AMAZING!

When contacted by Alpha, I was able to create a custom driver to meet my exact specs. Accordingly, I asked for a 8.5 degree with a Aldila NV X-65 shaft. As a quick aside, for those of you who have not had the opportunity to try the Aldila NV shaft, it is my favorite on the market and I know a countless number of people who use it.

When the Alpha C830.2 Plasma came via UPS, I was playing the following day and I had tournaments already scheduled the next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So I decided that I would take it and hit it a couple of times the next day and not actually review the club until this past weekend. However, after I hit the Alpha 830.2 Plasma the first time, I never went back to my Titleist 983.

Yes, you read that correctly, after I hit the Alpha C830.2 Plasma once, I took out my Titleist driver, with basically the same specs, which I have had for two years, and have played ever since with the Alpha C830.2 Plasma.


First, I carry the ball about 20 yards further than I did with my Titleist.

Second, the club provides what I found to be one of the hottest ball flights that I have ever hit.

Third, the club set up to the ball extremely well. In fact, one of my playing partners in a tournament I played in on Saturday commented on how good it set up to the ball.

And, Fourth, even my misses went farther than my Titleist.

Anyways, I could get into the specs of this club, but I would rather just provide a link to Alpha Golf’s website for those interested, and conclude with one last comment.

Never in my life have I switched golf clubs so fast. People, who have played golf with me, know that I am very selective when it comes to golf equipment that I play. However, the Alpha C830.2 Plasma driver took only one swing to be placed in my bag. It is, by far, the best driver that I have hit and I am sure that it will be in my bag for a very long time.

Bottom Line: If you are in the market for a driver, look no further than Alpha Golf’s C830.2 Plasma driver. An absolutely AMAZING driver and THE BEST driver I have ever hit!


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