Unknown LPGA golf hotties, Part II: Kim Hall

mulligan, 25 August 2006, Comments Off on Unknown LPGA golf hotties, Part II: Kim Hall
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The Golf Blog’s first 3 selections (see here) of unknown LPGA golf hotties — D’Rae Ward, Jenna Daniels, and Natalie Tucker — put up a collective 24-over par at the Wendy’s Championship so far (an average of +8 for the trio). Now, that’s not hot, especially when the leaders are at -11. Suffice it to say, you won’t be seeing them this weekend. So here’s one unknown hottie who still has a chance to make the cut– she’s right at the cut line with 3 holes left:

Kim Hall: tour rookie and Stanford grad, where she was MVP of the team for two years.

UPDATE: A bogey on the second to last hole, and the failure to birdie the par-5 finishing hole, put Kim over the cut line. That’s not hot.


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