Unknown LPGA golf hotties, Part III: May Wood

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The Golf Blog was on site at Wendy’s this past week. It was striking to see just how few spectators follow the LPGA golfers who are not well known — many groups had no spectators at all on Thursday and Friday. You probably haven’t seen these LPGA golfers before, because they never get any media coverage — not unless, of course, they get into contention, but most of them haven’t yet. So the only way you can discover them is going to the tournament. During the week, we featured a few of the unknowns (Kim Hall, D’Rae Ward, Jenna Daniels, Natalie Tucker) who are golf hotties. See the links below. Wendy’s (tied for) second-place finisher Stacy Prammanasudh is definitely a hottie, but she’s already won one LPGA event and is not a true “unknown” in the golf world. Stacy’s won 10 collegiate tourneys and was ranked second nationally her senior year; she also was the 2003 player of the year on the Futures Tour.

OK, so our crack staff of researchers had to dig deeper. After much searching, we discovered one more unknown LPGA hottie. She wasn’t at Wendy’s, but here she is:

May Wood: a rookie on tour, but is not exempt so plays on the Futures tour as well. No relation to Bob May or Tiger Woods, and, at 6’2″, May Wood is taller than them both. Of course, just as with most of the other hotties, May Wood has her own website, with a glam girl photo spread. Hey, if you’ve got the looks, why not flaunt it?

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