Wendy’s: Lorena Ochoa wins

mulligan, 27 August 2006, Comments Off on Wendy’s: Lorena Ochoa wins
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Like the new Wendy’s vanilla frosties (which I’m snarfing down as I write), Lorena Ochoa is not all that flashy, but so silky smooth on the course. Her putting stroke is so natural, it’s downright silly. And she smiles a lot on the course like she’s having lots of fun. Who wouldn’t when you shoot 65 on Sunday, after shooting 64 on Saturday?

Ochoa is very slight of build, and, when compared to (tied for) second place finisher Jee Young Lee, Lorena looks even more petite. Some might even mistake her for a junior golfer if they didn’t know better. But Lorena can still bust her drives, although Lee sometimes outdrove Lorena by 20 yards or so. It was a pretty amazing sight at Tartan Fields this afternoon. The fan base following the final group of (Mexico’s) Lorena Ochoa, (Korea’s) Jee Young Lee, and (Japan’s) Ai Miyazato was so international, probably more than half were minorities or foreign born. The fans were uttering encouragement to the players in three different languages!

At the press conference, Lorena said that she talked to her mother in Mexico last night because it was her birthday. Her mother said: “Make sure you win tomorrow for my birthday, and tell them I am 22.” Maybe she should have said 24, because that’s the number Lorena posted. It’s the fourth best final tournament score in LPGA history. LPGA’s photos of the tournament here.


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