What’s best for Michelle Wie?

mulligan, 08 August 2006, Comments Off on What’s best for Michelle Wie?
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Now that mulligan appears to be on break, thought I should submit a post. Thumbing through a recent Sports Illustrated, I found some interesting commentary on what Michelle Wie should do. I totally, 100 percent, for sure, agree with these experts!

Nancy Lopez says: “If I had a 16 year old who could play the way Michelle does, I would never encourage her to play the men’s tour. When I was a girl I wanted to win, and I think it’s impossible for Michelle to win on the men’s tour. Plus, most PGA Tour players probably don’t want her on their tour. They won’t say that, but I’m speaking for them. We need Michelle to bring people in the gates. The LPGA has great young players with personality, and Michelle is one of them. Michelle is a woman and should support the women’s tour.”

Dottie Pepper says: “Her remaining summer and fall schedule has her making two trips to Europe, for events on the LPGA and European men’s tour; another PGA Tour start; endorsement appearances in New York City; and then a final LPGA start in Palm Desert, California. In between she’ll squeeze in a few trips home to Hawaii for school. Enough already! Her PGA Tour appearances have started to become a sideshow. Michelle and her advisers decided that she’d turn pro last fall; that can’t be changed. But she could limit her play to the seven LPGA events permitted under the current rules, enabling her to learn the flavor and art of winning and, above all, to enjoy being a kid. Her bank account may be full, but the robbers are stealing her childhood. It only comes once.”


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