Ryder Cup 2006 Reflection: What about Woods’ and DiMarco’s losses?

mulligan, 24 September 2006, Comments Off on Ryder Cup 2006 Reflection: What about Woods’ and DiMarco’s losses?
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Without taking away from Darren Clarke’s loss, I wonder why the US team did not rally around each other in similar fashion. I was really surprised that the US team did not rally around the fact that Woods’ father and DiMarco’s mother were lost this year as well. It appeared to me, having watched most of the matches, that the US team was playing without a purpose. As Lehman stated that the US team played with their hearts out… I don’t understand why the US team didn’t find a similar cause, when they had similar losses within their team, that the Euro’s did. In fact, it almost seemed as though the US team was afraid to beat Clarke and friends, because it would have been immoral and unacceptable.

Also, with regards to Douglas’s last post, Bill Clinton as 2008 captain… Especially in a political year, probably not going to happen. Also, Golf is a game of Gentlemen, and I doubt that Clinton and some of his antics would still allow him to be considered a “gentleman” in the golfing sense.

Finally, I loved Verplank’s comments after he won. Basically, he stated his frustration with Lehman taking him out for the afternoon fourman matches on saturday. His point revolved around the fact that he realized that he wasn’t playing with his best game, but realized that his job as a “teammate” was to make sure that Johnson, who was playing awesome, would maintain his composure and insure that his team would win their point. Sometimes, and I think that the US team has a hard time doing so in the “team” formats, partners are required to pick each other up and make sure that they are doing what is best for the team. I’m sure that many of us have played in events with guys who stomp around and bitch and moan after hitting bad shots and it affects us. There is something awesome about a player, who even if he or she is playing bad, still make you play better. That is what the US team needs more of.

One more thing… What was Lehman doing playing Phil and DiMarco together every match except the last one? Obviously, they were playing poorly together and maybe they needed a “shake up” from coach lehman.


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