Some quick last day Ryder Cup thoughts

mulligan, 24 September 2006, Comments Off on Some quick last day Ryder Cup thoughts
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With the US going into the Ryder Cup singles trailing 10-6, I have these three quick thoughts:

1. A quick glance at the singles pairings should suggest anything is possible; were this not to Ryder Cup, the US player might be favored in most of the matches. And yet, I fear that Europeans might have the Cup wrapped up before most of the later groups even make the turn.

2. If Europe rolls over the US again, which would give the Euros 3 straight dominant victories, Sergio gets my vote as the all-time European MVP. Seve and Faldo and Monty all helped make the Ryder Cup competitive, but Sergio has helped the Euros become and play like heavy favorites.

3. Might it be time to have a non-golfer captain the US team? It is, of course, easy to second-guess choices by captains when teams lose, but if a team loses those choices all deserve to be second guessed. Here is a silly, but provocative, suggestion for heading the 2008 US Ryder Cup team: Bill Clinton.

UPDATE: Another stunningly unimpressive US showing in the singles has resulted in the second straight Ryder Cup blowout by the Europeans. (Details here.) I now think that if the US cannot right this ship in 2008, the Ryder Cup will no longer be an event to get excited about.


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