Tiger, unstoppable: poised to win 5 in a row

mulligan, 02 September 2006, Comments Off on Tiger, unstoppable: poised to win 5 in a row
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Tiger Woods flew to Ireland for Ryder Cup practice after winning the Bridgestone last week. Luckily, the Deutsche-Bank in Boston did not start until Friday, because Tiger was all jet lagged. Anyway, Tiger kept his red-hot playing going, shooting 5-under, to start at the top of the leaderboard. In thinking about Tiger’s dominance over his competitors, compared to Jack’s over his competitors, I think there are two essential questions to ask:

1. How much better is Tiger’s game (if at all) than Jack Nicklaus’s, trying to control for technology changes in equipment?

2. How much better were Jack’s competitors (if at all) than Tiger’s competitors today?

To me, the answers to these questions are very, very clear today, but I will wait to reveal them until after the weekend, so others can chime in.


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