Tiger will never lose again

mulligan, 04 September 2006, Comments Off on Tiger will never lose again
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It’s official: Tiger Woods just won No. 5 in a row, posting a spectacular 8-under par. Tiger plunked 2 birdies and 2 eagles on the front nine (thanks minsuhson!), to come back from 3 shots behind Vijay Singh within what felt like a heartbeat. That was virtually the knock-out punch. Although Vijay shot a respectable 68 today, he seemed to be standing still while Woods got off to a ferrari-fast start. And, in answer to mulligan’s question, neither men wore facial hair today. Go figure.

The way that Tiger is playing, he doesn’t look like he will ever lose again.

Tournaments thinking about “Tiger proofing” their courses should start thinking of better ways to ramp up the competition. For example, one simple way to bring out more competition for Tiger would be to reduce 72 hole tournaments to 36 or 18 holes. Call me crazy, but some tourneys might even be 9 hole tournaments on Sunday. Shorter tournaments will bring more players into contention. Tiger rarely wins tournaments wire to wire. Tiger’s good for TV ratings, but the only way he will face any real competition is making the golf tournament harder to produce separation of scores. Let’s see Tiger win 5 consecutive 9-hole tournaments in a row.

The other alternative is to switch to putt-putt style greens.


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