Chrysler Classic of Greensboro, the field minus Tiger

mulligan, 05 October 2006, Comments Off on Chrysler Classic of Greensboro, the field minus Tiger
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The players on the PGA must be relieved that Tiger Woods, who has a 6 PGA tour win streak going, is on vacation from golf. I know I would. I’d be especially happy if I needed to preserve my tour card by placing well in this and other tournaments.

But the only problem with a Tiger-less field is that the media and public attention is so much less. Today, Brent Geiberger, John Rollins, and Nick Watney shot spectacular rounds of 64, yet most people wouldn’t be able to pick any one of these guys out of a line-up. And, truthfully, most people won’t be watching this tournament on TV. Then again, if I were a player, I’d rather be playing in a Tiger-less tournament, then have to compete against that guy.

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