Is NBC’s Johnny Miller toast as golf analyst?

mulligan, 04 October 2006, Comments Off on Is NBC’s Johnny Miller toast as golf analyst?
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The Golf Channel’s Brian Hewitt has described the growing rivalry between Faldo and Johnny Miller: “The print media will almost certainly look to pit the irreverent Johnny Miller of NBC against the self-confident Faldo of TGC and CBS. ‘Bring it on,’ Faldo said Monday.”

Yesterday, several commenters to The Golf Blog indicated that Johnny Miller is much better than Faldo as a golf analyst. I tend to agree, but Miller will be covering far fewer tourneys than Faldo: the U.S. Open and 10 PGA tourneys on NBC. Faldo will be covering just about every other tournament on the PGA circuit (19 on CBS during the weekend, pre-weekend coverage of all PGA tourneys on The Golf Channel, and 3 of the 4 majors). Doesn’t this make Johnny Miller almost insignificant?


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