Natalie Gulbis disqualified after failing to sign scorecard

mulligan, 05 October 2006, Comments Off on Natalie Gulbis disqualified after failing to sign scorecard
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Natalie Gulbis was disqualified today at the Corona Morelia Championship, after shooting a 77. The LPGA website indicates a DQ, but doesn’t give a reason. According to the AP, Natalie forgot to sign her own scorecard. She did sign her partner’s card as a witness and apparently a few autographs after the round. (More here)

UPDATE: Natalie explains in her journal the mistake: “Unfortunately it’s Friday and I am in the airport going home to Las Vegas. I [was] so dissapointed after a round of birdies, eagles, and doubles I did not sign my card. My caddy Greg was in the scoring tent with me and double checked the scores and what he thought was my signature. The two rules officials said my card was fine and complete. It was only until and hour after I finished that I got a call that there was no signature on my card. An automatic DQ. I finished 5th here last year and still hold the course record. I am crushed! On my way back to Las Vegas…”


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