Nick Faldo becomes No.1 golf analyst in world

mulligan, 03 October 2006, Comments Off on Nick Faldo becomes No.1 golf analyst in world
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CBS just hired Nick Faldo to become its lead golf analyst replacing the now fired Lanny Wadkins. Faldo also is under contract with ABC to comment at the British Open, and a new deal with The Golf Channel, which has exclusive rights for all pre-weekend PGA coverage outside of the majors. (More from The Golf Channel)

This makes Faldo the No.1 golf analyst on TV. Johnny Miller still gets to do the U.S. Open on NBC, but is it possible that Faldo will one day replace the more feisty and critical Miller?

My view: I’m sad to see Lanny Wadkins go. On many occasions, I found his analysis to be right on target, as confirmed later by the actual course of events. Faldo is more of a wise-cracker than Lanny and adds some color to the commentary, but I’m not sure we need to have Faldo on The Golf Channel, CBS, and ABC, all in the same year.


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