Tiger Woods can enjoy gloating

mulligan, 02 October 2006, Comments Off on Tiger Woods can enjoy gloating
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Dear Tiger,

Yes, some of us were wrong, even at The Golf Blog. We questioned your firing of swing coach Butch Harmon. We questioned your not having a swing coach for some time. And we even questioned your Nike clubs and your “balky” driver. Now, we take it all back. We admit it, we were wrong. For the rest of your career, we will question nothing you do, except perhaps occasionally your choice of golf attire. But that’s it.

At yesterday’s press conference, Tiger Woods sat with what must have been an almost giddying kind of satisfaction at the implemention of his swing changes with Hank Haney. Tiger remarked, “I think it’s interesting how I was getting ripped for making my swing changes, now here we are. That’s why I made those changes. It’s nice to have the opportunity to do the things I know I can do in this game of golf….My iron game is much better than it was in 2000. I can control the ball better, I am hitting the ball further and I want to improve. Golf is a fluid and evolving game and you have always got to keep pushing yourself to get better.” Enough said.


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