Hal Sutton goes on tirade against U.S. golf, present + future

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TGC Rich Lerner has a stunning interview with Hal Sutton, who apparently is the kind of guy who sees the glass half empty. Sutton rips into just about everything that is going on in U.S. golf today. Here’s only some of what Hal said:

“I’m so disgusted with where everything’s gone I don’t even want to play the game.”

“We’re in a vacuum in golf in America. We’re consumed by the almighty dollar. We’ve forgotten that we all play the game because we love it. Greatness doesn’t worry about money. Greatness worries about bein’ great.”

“We got too many people in leadership capacities that don’t understand the game at its core. We’re conforming to what they say the market wants and what manufacturers are giving us and it’s weakening our players.”

“Everyone’s trying to be like Tiger. No individualism. They’re all trying to swing like Tiger.””

“We [in the U.S.] don’t have world class players in their 20s. That’s a failure on our part.”


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