Take a mulligan: PGA "season" should not extend to November

mulligan, 02 November 2006, Comments Off on Take a mulligan: PGA "season" should not extend to November
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Let’s see: The PGA season officially starts in January. Wait a second, that’s only a couple months away. But why then are the players still playing now in November? When does the PGA “season” really end?

While all other major professional sports have a true off-season (so their fans can take a rest and get rejuvenated and excited for the next season), professional golf believes that the season should last nearly 11 out of 12 months of the year , giving the fans an overdose of golf tournaments.

The result? Burnout. Can you blame Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods for saying: enough is enough? Especially in a year with the Ryder Cup, golfers and, yes, fans need a break from golf. Dear PGA, do the smart thing and put an end to the “season.” Golf fans can get their fix of golf during the winter months by watching reruns of Big Break XXXXII and Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf.


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