Zinger as Captain… New Qualifying Rules for US Ryder Cup Team

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In an interesting move, the PGA of America announced new qualifying rules for the 2008 U.S. Ryder Cup Team. New Captain Paul Azinger was the mastermind behind the changes. See the video here.

Here are the highlights:

8 qualifiers based on the following formula:

Tournaments played from August 27-November 5, 2006 — 1/4 point for each $1,000 earned for US players who finished in the top 10.

Tournaments played opposite the Majors and World Golf Championship Events between January 1 and August 11, 2008 — 1/2 point for each $1,000 earned.

Majors in 2008 — 2 points for each $1,000 earned

Official Events from January 1 to August 11, 2008 — 1 point for each $1,000 earned, except events opposite the Majors and WGC events.

Majors in 2007 — 1 point for each $1,000 earned

Then… Zinger gets to pick 4 “Captains Picks”


US Players no longer have to finish in the top 10 to get points.
US Players will be ranked according to Earnings, which makes sense.
There are no points in 2007, other than those offered in the Majors and those earned prior to this announcement.

Overall, it is a great choice and hopefully will give Zinger a “better” team! However, they still need to play like a team, instead of a bunch of individuals.


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