Natalie Gulbis will not appear in Playboy

mulligan, 14 December 2006, Comments Off on Natalie Gulbis will not appear in Playboy
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If you watched the Natalie Gulbis reality show this fall, you’d know why Natalie Gulbis will not appear in Playboy. Says her dad, John Gulbis, in his inimitable way: He’s all in favor of people who are comfortable with their bodies doing whatever they’re comfortable with, but as for Natalie doing a photo shoot with Playboy, “that’s never going to happen.” Natalie, of course, had just completed her swimsuit spread with FHM.

Juicy moments like these have really spiced up the Natalie show, at least the 2 episodes that I just watched. Based on these episodes, I have to say that this year’s Natalie show seems a lot more personal, a lot more hip, a lot more behind-the-scenes moments in Natalie’s life — getting stretched out by her PT in all sorts of contortions, doing a fashion show in Asia, making a trip to Pearl Harbor with her dad, throwing a bachelorette party for her friend in Vegas. And, yes, there’s golf, too. It’s definitely a HUGE improvement over last year’s episodes.

TGC schedule of Natalie show


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