Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk & Fred Funk

mulligan, 12 December 2006, Comments Off on Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk & Fred Funk
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In this chapter from Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk & Fred Funk, you will learn how the pros hit a bump and run shot. Jim Furyk, #2 golfer in the world, says "most amateurs make common, but avoidable mistakes once they are inside 50 yards. By applying the skills we teach in this video, you will immediately shave strokes off your score." In this presentation, you “get inside the minds” of top PGA Tour pros Jim Furyk and Fred Funk as they compete in a short game skills match designed to help you improve your short game.

They teach you how to assess your own situations, analyze your options and execute the proper shots – just like the pros do!

Learn these essential short game golf shots: lob shots, bump & run, chipping, putting from the fringe, bunker/sand play, thick rough, buried lies and much more!

You can buy the DVD at Might be a great stocking stuffer!


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