Has Nick Faldo lost his charm on The Golf Channel?

mulligan, 06 January 2007, Comments Off on Has Nick Faldo lost his charm on The Golf Channel?
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I managed to watch some of both rounds of the Mercedes Championship on The Golf Channel. On the whole, it was a pretty smooth transition for The Golf Channel to become the premiere network for the pre-weekend rounds of the PGA.

But I have to wonder whether Nick Faldo — paired with the wonderful Kelly Tilghman — has lost some of his charm, moving over to be the No. 1 man on The Golf Channel. On ABC, Faldo had Jim Tirico, Paul Azinger, and Ian Baker Finch, so it was easy for Faldo to play the quick witted analyst with the zippy comments. But on The Golf Channel, Faldo sounds more serious and a little bit less funny. Of course, Nick will also be an analyst for CBS, so maybe he’ll lighten up on the weekends.


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