Positive reviews about The Golf Channel?

mulligan, 09 January 2007, Comments Off on Positive reviews about The Golf Channel?
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OK, for a fair and balanced report, we should note that other media have given high praise to The Golf Channel. What tournament were they watching?

1. Sports Illustrated writes: “The Golf Channel: The little network that could kicked off its 15-year deal with a surprisingly seamless series of telecasts, highlighted by some flashy new technology and great chemistry among the announcers. And personally, the Hot List would tune in to listen to Nick Faldo read the phone book.”

2. The Desert Sun writes: “The 24-hour-a-day all-golf network began its 15-year contract to broadcast PGA Tour events in fine form last week at the Mercedes-Benz Championship in Hawaii. With an array of technological gizmos and an on-air team that proved its worth all four days, Golf Channel likely surpassed most critics’ expectations. The Golf Channel production crew didn’t give us just another Nationwide Tour or Champions Tour event. It was a four-day broadcast worthy of the PGA Tour.”

“Tilghman came off as well-prepared, kept the broadcast moving and provided plenty of space for Faldo and the other analysts to do their job. If there is a criticism, and this is true of all network broadcasts, it’s that sometimes the analysts talk too much to each other instead of taking to the viewers.”

3. Tournament chairman Gary Planos said: “The Golf Channel did an excellent job (televising the event) and the tour gave us some nice applause.’’


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