Singh holds off Scott to win Mercedes

mulligan, 08 January 2007, Comments Off on Singh holds off Scott to win Mercedes
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Vijay Singh (-14) won the first PGA tourney of the year by two strokes over Adam Scott. After a disappointing year, Vijay trained even harder during the offseason, with workouts twice a day mixed in with 5 hours of hitting balls on the range.

When asked how long he can win, Vijay (who’s almost 44) replied, “Fred Funk won a golf tournament when he was 48, and I’m a lot bigger and a lot stronger than Freddie Funk,” Singh said. “If he can win at 48, what makes me think I’m not going to win when I’m 50? If I’m healthy and playing the way I’m doing right now … five, six, 10 years, I don’t know. I’m just going to keep going.” (More from ESPN)


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