Did anyone else watch The Golf Channel Update?

mulligan, 25 February 2007, Comments Off on Did anyone else watch The Golf Channel Update?
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On Friday, I was working out at my local gym and was watching The Golf Channel’s coverage of the WGC Accenture Match Play Championships. While I enjoyed their coverage, I almost fell off the elliptical machine when the coverage went into what I think was the “Sprint Update” or something similar. (For those of you who didn’t watch or haven’t watched, the “Sprint Update”, which is what I believe it is called, goes through all of the happenings in golf, including updating listeners to the current status of the tournaments being played.)

Anyways, during the “Update”, the woman reporter stated that Henrik Stenson was “3 strokes ahead” and that Tiger was closing in on O’Hern and was only “1 stroke back.” Now, for golf fans and even those who are not golf fans, match play is not determined by “Strokes” but instead by “holes won.” So, the appropriate report would have been that Stenson was “3 up” and Tiger was “1 down” and disregarded this “stroke” talk.

Now, I hate to complain, but I felt like I was watching a local news cast where the reporter knows nothing about golf. However, I was watching THE GOLF CHANNEL, which I would EXPECT to have reporters who could distinguish between match play and stroke play.

I just wonder if this reporter will lose her job over such a BIG mistake on THE golf cable channel?

UPDATE: According to an anonymous post, I am incorrect. However, if someone wants to check their Tivo or DVR, I was working out from 4:10pm-5:45pm EST. And, I am 99% sure that it happened.


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