Phil Mickelson’s act of goodness

mulligan, 14 February 2007, Comments Off on Phil Mickelson’s act of goodness
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For some reason, Phil Mickelson seems to draw a lot of negative comments on this blog from some of our readers. But here’s one story about Phil that you can’t say anything negative about.

Phil volunteered to pay the 4-year college tuition of a total stranger, Holli Dobler, the daughter of former football star Conrad Dobler. Dobler’s wife became a quadriplegic after an accident, and most of their money has been spent on her medical bills and rehabilitation. Apparently, Phil heard about the plight of the Doblers and offered to pay for Holli’s college tuition — even though he didn’t even know the Dobler family. She’s a sophomore at Miami U. in Ohio, current cost at $22,000. (More here)

What a world class gesture on Phil’s part.


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