Take a mulligan: dear PGA, Tiger’s streak is long over

mulligan, 04 February 2007, Comments Off on Take a mulligan: dear PGA, Tiger’s streak is long over
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Tiger Woods is an incredible golfer, probably the best ever. But it’s an insult to Byron Nelson and his record for the media and the PGA to continue to call Tiger Wood’s “streak” a win streak. Nelson won 11 tournaments in a row in 1945, every tournament he entered for that period. Over the past year, Tiger’s won 7 PGA events — a stunning achievement. But in between, Tiger’s lost 2 stroke play events in Asia and he just lost again this past week in Dubai. Because these events were not PGA events, the PGA and some in the media still call Tiger’s a “PGA win streak” as if Tiger’s play in non-PGA events didn’t happen.

I hate to be cynical about this all, but I can’t help but wonder if talk of the “PGA streak” is only about driving up ratings and money. Tiger’s already come out and said that he considers the streak over. If the PGA has convictions, it would, too.


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