What’s wrong with Phil Mickelson?

mulligan, 01 February 2007, Comments Off on What’s wrong with Phil Mickelson?
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Phil Mickelson reported in this year in the best shape of his life — OK, well, sort of. An offseason regimen of weightlifting, martial arts, and cardio left Lefty with a self-proclaimed “15 pounds of muscle,” somewhere on his body. I’ve seen some photos, and Phil does look slimmed down from last season.

Well,so far, Phil has started out pretty cold. Today, he shot a 1-over par at the FBR Open at the TPC in Scottsdale, a tourney that Lefty has won several times before and usually eats up. He currently stands in 88th place, and is 8-strokes behind the leader Dudley Hart. It’s still early in the tourney and early in the season, but it’s not a good start for Phil. Leaderboard


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