Arjun Atwal under investigation for fatal car crash

mulligan, 11 March 2007, Comments Off on Arjun Atwal under investigation for fatal car crash
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Arjun Atwal, the first PGA player from India, is reportedly under investigation for his involvement in a fatal car crash that killed John Noah Park outside of Orlando, Florida. Police apparently suspect that the two drivers might have been involved in a street race.

“Witnesses tell us they were engaged in a street race,” High Patrol Trooper Kim Miller said. “They estimated speeds at or about 100 mph. Park’s vehicle hit a tree and basically just shattered. Part of the axle was found in the tree. It was a very violent crash. At a minimum, he is facing a charge of engaging in a street race. We have to see if this crash rises to the level of any other charges.” (More here)


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