Did Tiger Woods dump Annika for Roger Federer?

mulligan, 25 March 2007, Comments Off on Did Tiger Woods dump Annika for Roger Federer?
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Much has been made this week about Tiger Woods’s close relationship with tennis superstar Roger Federer. The two are in Florida this week and have watched each other play. Roger even dined on Tiger’s yacht on Tuesday.

Said Roger: “We could relate very much to one another. We have a lot of expectations from everybody, so we have a lot of common ground. It’s good that we kind of know each other and can talk to each other about it.” Tiger remarked about Federer: “He makes it look so effortless, and it’s not. The shots and the angles and the things he can create, no one in the history of the game has ever been able to do. I mean, it’s pretty neat for all of us to be watching a living legend play. You know he’s going to surpass Sampras’ record. It’s just a matter of when.” USAToday ran articles here and here.

The friendship between Tiger and Roger seems like a quite natural one. The two will probably go down in history as the greatest ever to play their respective sports. But this leaves one wondering about Tiger’s friendship with Annika Sorenstam. Does Annika still get quality time with Tiger, now that her dominance has diminished? After all, Annika wore out the wedge that Tiger gave her a couple years ago, and I haven’t heard that Tiger sent her a replacement.


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