Sex & the LPGA

mulligan, 06 March 2007, Comments Off on Sex & the LPGA
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The title on this post is the title of this (dated by still intriguing) 2002 article from Golf for Women. Here is a snippet:

The topic of sexing up women’s golf draws mixed reviews from the pros. The younger generation seems to take the subject of sex and the poll lightly. Rising U.S. star Laura Diaz, 27, stated boldly last year that the LPGA “should market sex. Sex sells.” Charismatic rookie Natalie Gulbis, 19, a candidate for the tour’s next “it” girl, says of the Playboy Web site, “I need to work out a little, and maybe they’ll put me on it next year.” Cristie Kerr, a top-10 player, told Golf World July/August 2002 that she would pose for Playboy with “a towel covering all the right places.” Kerr points out that golf is part of the entertainment business, and sex is a given in this world. “For us not to use it wouldn’t be in step with the times,” she says.

Though five years old, the issues in this article still resonate with current marketing questions surrounding the LPGA and women’s golf. Any new thoughts, readers?


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