Augusta National is now "Tiger-proofed"

mulligan, 06 April 2007, Comments Off on Augusta National is now "Tiger-proofed"
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This year, the powers that be at Augusta National made few changes to the course. The major changes, in lengthening the course and inserting and removing trees, had already taken place over the past five years.

This week, Augusta is finally playing like a full-fledged monster. Tiger’s 1997 score of -18 is now folklore. Last year’s score of -7 by Phil Mickelson looks just as unattainable. The winning score probably will be near Even par or worse, just like a U.S. Open. Only four players are below par. The cut line will be +8.

The Board at Augusta must be laughing behind closed doors. Their tournament is just as “diabolical” as the U.S. Open. The greens are so hard and fast that you can barely breathe while putting. And Tiger Woods can no longer make the course a cakewalk, it appears.


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