Mickelson to hire swing coach Butch Harmon, full-time

mulligan, 23 April 2007, Comments Off on Mickelson to hire swing coach Butch Harmon, full-time
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Phil Mickelson got a little help from Butch Harmon, Tiger Woods’s old swing coach, at the CA Championship. But Lefty downplayed his relationship with Harmon and indicated that Rick Smith was still his coach.

Now, Tim Rosaforte is repoting here that Phil Mickelson will be hiring Harmon full-time. Priority No. 1 curing Phil’s driving woes (only 58.8 percent fairways hit). As The Golf Blog reported here, greater focus needs to be given to driving accuracy on the PGA tour.

Hmmm. This is very interesting. Tiger leaves Butch, supposedly in part because Butch can’t cure his errant driving (often sliced the right). Now, Mickelson enlists Butch, supposedly in part so Butch can cure his errant driving (often sliced to the left). It’s time for the bombers to wake up: there’s really no cure for bombers and bad driving. There’s an inverse proportion for driving distance over 300 yards and accuracy. I don’t care how much you practice. When you are swinging 120 miles per hour and your driver head is 9 degrees or even lower, the chance for an errant drive is pretty high based only on a fraction of mis-timing.


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