Tiger Woods diagnoses Masters finish

mulligan, 25 April 2007, Comments Off on Tiger Woods diagnoses Masters finish
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The recent Masters Tournament was definitely one of the most draining weeks I’ve ever had in a major because the conditions were so difficult. Normally, that’s not the case. That was one hell of a test.

The tournament committee kept it fair. The pin placements were just a touch softer than usual – about two to three feet easier, which is everything. At least they gave us a chance.

I had an opportunity to win the tournament on the back nine Sunday, which is always my goal. I made a great par at No. 11 after my 4-iron broke against a tree while hitting my second shot. I had 180 yards to the green and thought it was either a 4 or 3-iron. I figured if I hit a good 4-iron I could roll it to the front edge, but I caught a tree limb.

After I made the eagle at 13, I was right back in the game. I just missed my birdie attempt at 14, which was big, then drove into the right rough at 15. I had plenty of club to reach the green in two, but the wind kept switching all over the place. When the group in front was on the green, it was a perfect 4-iron. Then the wind was behind us and it was a 5-iron. Then it was howling in our face off the right and it was a perfect 3-iron. I tried to hit a 3-iron long, left and pitch the ball back up to the hole, maybe catch the left portion of the green. Unfortunately, I hit a terrible shot and was lucky to save par.

As for using a 4-iron, it wasn’t an option. I always carry a spare driver, 3-wood and putter, but never back-up irons. Although it’s a little-known rule, I could have asked my playing partner, Stuart Appleby, to borrow his 4-iron, but there’s no way you’d ever do it. Everyone’s clubs have different lofts, lies, grips, weight, etc.

At the 17th hole, the wind fooled me again on my second shot. At least, I guess that’s what happened. Either I spun the shot too much or the wind died on me. I thought I hit the shot perfectly, but wound up in the front bunker and was lucky to save par. That’s kind of how the week went.

People have asked if I felt okay that week because I looked tired and was always sniffling. My allergies were pretty bad because of all of the pollen blowing out of the trees and I took the Claritin pretty good. But that’s not why I lost. Zach Johnson played a wonderful final round and deserved to win.


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