Butch Harmon back (and basks) in the limelight

mulligan, 14 May 2007, Comments Off on Butch Harmon back (and basks) in the limelight
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After being fired by Tiger Woods unceremoniously, Butch Harmon sputtered around looking from the outside in. He even went on NBC to criticize Tiger’s new swing changes under Hank Haney, and paid for it dearly after Tiger eventually won 2 more majors and went on a winning streak that gave Lord Byron’s a run for his money.

To put it bluntly, Harmon became something of a has-been (known better as Tiger’s fired coach), teaching a whole cadre of students (Scott, Couples, Clarke, Olazabal, Leonard, Natalie Gulbis, and others) none of whom had one one-millionth of Tiger’s star power. And, except for Adam Scott, none had a realistic chance of challenging Tiger (and Adam Scott has yet to live up to his potential, nor has Natalie Gulbis lived up to hers but she’s on the LPGA tour).

Well, now, Butch is back. And you know how much Butch loves it. Yesterday, he gave Phil Mickelson a big bear hug as Phil walked to the scorer’s tent. Phil repaid Butch by giving him the 18th flag, which Phil signed: “Butch: the 1st of many.” Should Tiger worry? Well, maybe not worry, but I’m sure Tiger took notice. The re-emergence of Mickelson is good for game, as is the return of Butch Harmon. Let the competition begin.


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