Natalie Gulbis still draws media attention

mulligan, 23 May 2007, Comments Off on Natalie Gulbis still draws media attention
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USA Today ran a full page story on Natalie Gulbis, even though she hasn’t come that close to winning this year. I love Natalie Gulbis, but USA Today should be writing stories like this about Lorena Ochoa, the new No.1.

The story has generated 52 comments so far. Some are nice, some downright rude. Here’s one of the more serious criticisms by one reader of the USA Today, “typical lamestream media puff piece……..cleverly disguised as “serious journalism”, but simply a chance to show the most physically attractive player who plays average and looks fantastic……..just like Kournikova……..and of course, the requisite cheesecake shots up the skirt from ground level…….and this from the liberals who complain about women being viewed strictly as “sex objects” and not taken seriously…….and who does it the most………the lamesteam media !!!!!!!”

What do you think about this comment — is it right or wrong?


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