Swing thoughts: so you think you have rhythm?

mulligan, 20 May 2007, Comments Off on Swing thoughts: so you think you have rhythm?
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It’s been a little slow go for me with the golf this season. Basically, the timing in my swing seems way off on my iron shots. I have the Tiger problem (too bad I don’t have swing, though): my lower body moves naturally very quickly, and my arms get “stuck” behind — so I either block the ball to the right or hook the ball to the left by overcompensating with my wrists.

Today, after slapping my first 20 balls all over the place on the range, I decided to swing 3/4 and what in my mind felt like half speed. I was pretty desperate. But, as soon as I slowed down the tempo to half speed, I started hitting the ball pretty well. I couldn’t tell if I lost any distance (possible I did), but I was just glad to see shot after shot going straight. Finally.

I don’t know if this slowed down swing will be my swing on the course, so I am asking for your advice. I know the pros say they are usually swinging with 80% power or so. How fast or slow do you feel like you swing on the course? Have you ever tried purposely swinging at a much slower speed (at least in your mind)?


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